American Musical Theatre Workshop


This is a 4 hour workshop that focuses on dance training and using that in musical theatre.  

it begins with a ballet class focusing on placement and balance.  Then is followed by a jazz class focused on using the skills learn in the 1st class and adding style.  Next up is the vocal warmup and lastly a piece of original Broadway choreography is taught. The last part is done with live music.

Song Interpretation Workshop


This 4 day workshop is based on the art of communication and connecting with one's audience. 

The workshop is broken into 4 sections

     1. Vocal

     2. Improvisation/Exploration

     3. Communication 

     4. Creating a Performance

These workshops are all done with a pianist.

Musical Theatre Intensive


This workshop is a five day intensive.  Each day consists of ballet, jazz, tap, vocal warmup/vocal technique and the creation of a original musical theatre song and dance.  

Guest teachers come and share new prospectives.

The musical theatre piece is done with live music.

January 21, 2019


Cours unique exceptionnel avec Broadway In Paris au Studio Harmonic 

Metteur en scène et chorégraphe associé de Newsies, Jekyll and Hyde et Come From Away. 

Ne le ratez pas !
mardi 22 janvier 17h00 - 19h00
40 €
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renseignements : Studio Harmonic 
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