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Michael’s philosophy is centered in and around the work of Cornelius Reid.  Michael studied with Mr. Reid at the young age of 19.  He later went on to study with the Ariel Bybee (According to Opera News (June 2000), Ms. Bybee was "a prominent mezzo at the Metropolitan Opera for eighteen seasons." She sang over 460 performances at the Metroplitan Opera.)  After seeking a more “Broadway technique” from other vocal teachers, Michael yearned to return to Mr. Reid’s method.  Happily, he found the keeper of the flame Mr. Reid’s wife Donna Reid.  Michael continues to study with Ms. Reid.  He credits Donna for helping him find his voice again. 


This philosophy/method based upon the two register theory and the belief that the only factors that can exert voluntary control upon the involuntary laryngeal muscles are pitch, intensity and vowel. Exercises employing various combinations of these three controls, in combination with the use of "functional listening"—a careful analysis of the registrational balances—will result in a free technique.


Since Michael is a musical theatre performer himself, he understands the needs of both male and female singers in the world musical theatre. 

Each lesson is 30 minutes.  

1 hour can be booked but you must ask Michael 1st.

Lessons Times available on the scheduling Platform below

Location - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in the Marais (Saint Sebastien-Froissant) Satudays - Grand Boulevards

Each Lesson is 30€

There is a 24 hour cancelation policy and 1st lessons must be paid for prior to the lesson (a link will be sent after the booking is confirmed), after the 1st lesson you can pay Michael directly.

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Info about voice lessons with Michael Pereira

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