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I’m excited to announce the MONTH OF MIRACLES CHALLENGE.   It’s a 30 Day Challenge to help you rise above these challenging times…lockdowns, curfews, quarantines, stressful events, etc.  In my personal life, I have used the performing arts as an outlet for my feelings.  I believe that art is a healing modality, and that we can use it to connect to ourselves and others.  I also find that universal spiritual/psychological truths are interconnected with the performing arts.  


My goal is to help you create miracles on the outside and inside.  As you already know, I believe in miracles.  You may ask what is a miracle?  A miracle is a change of perception from fear to love, from despair to hope, from the limited to the limitless!

What is in the challenge? 


For 30 days I will lead you through daily contemplations on how to bring miracles into your life (short videos 2-5 minutes) 

3 x live Zoom dance classes per week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)

1 x live voice class on Wednesdays

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3 live classes a week with Michael on Zoom

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daily inspiration videos

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weekly live voice lesson on Zoom


special live workshops

You’ll also have full access to my Bonjour Broadway online dance portal, where you’ll find an array of full classes and targeted workouts, choreography and technique sessions for you to play with at your own pace, with weekly suggested programs to help guide you through. If you’re unable to make a live class, you’ll find them in the portal where you can replay them at your convenience.


All of this will be created to help uplift and upgrade your life! 


In addition to the daily videos and dance classes, this Month of Miracles will feature playlists for freestyle dancing, and a private community where we can share our progress and encourage each other. Together we will get through this!


All of this for less than 50c per class!


Are you in?


How to join?


Head over to to sign up. The cost is simply 14,95€ for the month. If you’re already a member of Bonjour Broadway, great news, you’re already signed up for this. You’ll receive an email on Sunday with the schedule for the week and, bien sur, a welcome video from yours truly.


The challenge starts Sunday November 1st.  Gather your troops, clear your dance space, and get ready for miracles!


I am truly looking forward to being you for the next 30 days!  SEE YOU THERE!

*disclaimer - Bonjour Broadway runs on a 30 day subscription, renewals are automatic. Cancel by the end of your 30 days if you’re not interested in continuing to dance with me. No hard feelings if you’re only here for the Month of Miracles….