Dance Classes

Broadway Jazz

Michael's class starts with a warm-up which incorporates technique, strengthening and stretches.  His classes also emphasizes improving  coordination.  This is followed by isolations, across-the-floor and work on pirouettes.  

A challenging combination follows.  Either a piece of repertory choreography or a piece of original work



Michael's class is focused on correcting the issues and challenges facing dancers today. (body alignment, pirouettes, weight change, etc)  His classes consist of a barre and center work.  The barre is focused on teaching the dancer how to stay on their balance.  The center works on pas de bourrees, waltz step (pas de valse), promenades and pirouettes en dehors and en dedans, along with other steps that he sees needs work on.



Michael's tap class is in the classic Broadway/Musical Theatre Style.  His warmup concentrates on with change and learning and mastering the tap vocabulary (shuffles, flaps, time steps, etc).  Across work going forward and backwards in then followed by a dance combination in the Broadway style.